How does a new brand or website in days sound to you?

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!!!! Here is your chance to help me AND get yourself a beautiful custom brand or website. I need you to be a beta tester for this awesome new service. I have been working very hard behind the scenes for the past few months to create something shiny and new for the adventurous and heart-centered businesses Mixie works with every month.
Say hello to Mixie’s new “In Hand” services! This is a new intensive design experience that allows us to work closely, bust out some awesome designs, and curate a FULLY CUSTOM brand or website in just a matter of days. I know, it might sound crazy, but it is totally true.
One of the biggest bummers for me is telling people that I don’t have openings for a couple of months. I want to help everyone I can as soon as I am able, but sometimes things work against that mission. So, it was time to design a new efficient process and get to work. Imagine starting from scratch and WITHIN DAYS having a beautiful and effective brand or website to show off to the world! Are you as excited as I am?! Oh, it gets better. Keep reading!

Here is how this works.

1. You submit the form below and I send you a proposal, contract, and payment details.

2. Once everything is booked, I send you links to your workspace and an introduction email.
3. You receive a pack of questionnaires and a detailed to do list to make this process as easy and as efficient as possible. These will tell you everything you need to have prepared in advance and will help guide us both as we prepare to make MAGIC.
4. We schedule your brand/web intensive week. For a limited amount of Phase Two beta testers, that will happen in April 2020.
5. We kick off your intensive week with a 45 minute intensive Zoom call, where we discuss your project in depth.
6. On days two and three, I work to prepare your concept files. After submitting them, you pick your favorite set and we adjust as needed.
7. At the end of the week (two weeks for websites), your project is finalized, your files are uploaded to our shared work area, and you have everything you need to make the launch of your new brand and/or website a big success.

That is it! A few days and you will feel confident and relieved.

There really is no reason you shouldn’t be proud of your business.

Big or small, it matters so much.

So, what do you get? Keep reading.

You will receive:

Consultations: One 30 minute intro call, one intensive kick off, and a follow up recap call. Video calls are preferred, but I am flexible.
Prep Package: Questionnaires designed to get everything in order before we start. A shared workspace with an interactive to do list, checklist, and space for sharing files.
Intensive Day: You are my VIP! A fully immersed Zoom call helps me create something magical and perfect for your business.
Intensive Week(s):  Within days, you will have your files in hand and be well on your way to changing your business for the better.

The end results:

Brand In Hand clients receive: A brand kit containing a custom logo, a submark, a secondary logo version, a mini brand guide (with your mission, voice, color codes, font selections, and mood board), two social media backgrounds, and a lot of motivation to keep you on target as you grow and expand.
Web In Hand clients receive: A fully designed and developed WordPress website. The package includes up to 4 pages (typically home, about, contact, and a service page), but additional pages may be reserved. Assistance with moving the migration and set up. SEO and keywording. Hosting plans are also available, if you don’t already have one.

I am sure your next question is about cost.



Seriously, after these first spots are filled, the price doubles (or more!).

I mean, I need to pay bills and feed growing children, but I wanted to make this deal extra special for a limited crew. Snap it up. It’ll go quick!

Brand In Hand


Beta Testers get this for $1150!

Web In Hand


Beta Testers get this for $1650!

Combo In Hand


Beta Testers get this for $2650!

Why am I refocusing on intensive services like these?


Mixie has been rocking since 2016. 2019 was a difficult year, to say the least. I have had client projects go from 4 to 30 weeks due to delays on either or both sides. No one wants to wait around, and I don’t want to feel stuck nagging people for things that I need in order to produce quality work.

Anyone in this business can tell you it is a HARD balancing act. It is hard to set a timeline, only to have things thrown off by delays or tardy feedback. In order to keep an income coming in during those breaks, you fill the cracks in with new clients and new projects. Then, before you know it, those initial clients are back and ready to work. Soon enough, you see a snowball effect. At one point in recent months, I found myself with 14 client client projects running at once. It was a very difficult situation, and one I am still occasionally trying to dig myself out of. It is also something that I never want to put clients through again. Neither side deserves that kind of stress. Whew! A change was definitely needed.

But, there is sunlight on the horizon, my friends!

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly chasing the creative flow. That time where you sit down with one task and focus on it hard until it is as near perfect as possible. No distractions pulling you away, no delays popping up unexpectedly, no waiting for email responses and moving onto the next task.

These intensive days are all about YOU and your business. 100% of my attention goes to you and your brand and/or website. We are more efficient because we are zoomed in and laser focused. One to do list. One client at a time. Perfect storm for creative juices to start moving.

Sounds great, right?!


So, what do you think? We should do this thing! Fill out the form below to get started.

Ready to do the work with me and make this chapter of growth count?

Let’s get this party started!

The Not-So-Small Print

Preparation is key to the success of this project. If you do not have your questionnaires and content turned in by the deadlines, a change of schedule and potential additional costs will be needed.

Due to the nature of this service, a 60% nonrefundable retainer is required, with the remainder due before final files are sent or website is migrated. 

This is a beta service. You are a beta tester. That means that regular feedback is required for participation. If satisfied at the end of our contract, a review will be requested and shared on our socials or on this website. This also means that some hiccups may occur as we work through these fresh new processes. We both promise to be kind and keep it moving. The end result will be fantastic no matter what!

Referrals are the lifeblood of Mixie. If you are a beta tester of this service, you will forever be in our Mixie family. This means that you will receive a gift from us for every referral you send our way (As soon as they make their final payment) and emails about specials and upcoming events. 

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