How many times have you tried to build your website and stopped half way through? What about creating text to fill an about page or take photos of your products? Who here suffers from mental blocks while creating content or doing layouts?⁠

Let me tell you something. One thing that almost always pops up in inquiries is people saying “I tried to do it myself and I am just lost/overwhelmed/suffering from a major mental block that is causing a full on meltdown.” ⁠

You are not alone, my friends. Creating your own website, copy, or branding is something everyone struggles with. Even I get stuck sometimes and it is what I do for a living. ⁠

The right step in these situations is hiring someone to help you. Having that outsider opinion and set of eyes is HUGE in creating something that fits your business perfectly. It is hard to see the trees from the forest. Isn’t that a thing they say? ⁠

Even in college, design classes have critique days where everyone shows their project off and classmates or teachers give constructive comments on how to fix things or adjustments to make everything more cohesive. It is so incredibly helpful in a myriad of ways.⁠

While I do prefer to start from scratch on a project (it is my favorite!), hopping in when you’re half-way through it is part of Mixie’s service options. I am usually willing to do free audits on content and a couple of times a year I will sit down with 2-3 people who are fresh to starting a business and give advice and a friendly hand in those early stages. We rise by lifting others. Right? ⁠

So, tell me, what are you struggling with most? Maybe I can help!