Oh man, here we go…⁠

No one will remember you based solely off of your logo…⁠ I said what I said.⁠

(Unless you are someone like Target or Amazon or someone else who shows up in their life like a dozen times a week for years on end. Let’s be honest.)⁠

They may think about how cute it looks. It may catch their eye when scrolling through their feed. It may catch attention or garner some “ooooh” and “ahhh” reactions. But, they won’t remember you solely for you logo. Majority of the time, unless they have an interest in logos in general, it will be forgotten the moment they don’t need you anymore.⁠

They will remember your work ethic, though. They’ll remember their experience. Most of all, they will remember the problems you solved. They also remember how quickly you shipped their product and how smooth signing up was. They remember the FAQ section that gave them everything they needed to know. They remember how you made them feel.⁠ For better or for worse.⁠

Having a solid brand means expressing exactly who you are speaking to in your marketing. It means sharing a story and connecting. It means having a process that addresses every little need a client has. It means going above and beyond. It means KNOWING how to do all of those things. Period.⁠

The colors and fonts and all of the little details set the tone and bring eyeballs in, but they don’t run your business for you. They don’t make you money or bring returning customers or make you sales. They don’t give people warm fuzzies when they think of you or give them reason to spread the word about you.⁠

So, instead of jumping in and pouring your soul into a little logo, get yourself some solid strategy in place, so you know exactly how to use those visuals within your business processes and standards.⁠

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