Mixie’s passion is in helping small businesses, solopreneurs, creatives, and start ups harness the power of their digital and visual identities. Whether you are on the hunt for a beautiful logo, a powerful website, graphic design, or just a little guidance, we are here to help.

Brand Strategy

The best stories are told when you pay attention to who is listening. Our strategy sessions are designed to help identify your goals, target the perfect clients, and keep your message on point.

Brand Design

Logos and color selection are just the beginning of your business adventure. Branding is a big topic. Mixie will design it, pull it all together, and help you make sense of it all.

Website Design

Like any good adventure story, the world needs to know you. Your website is your introduction. You are already doing big things, we just help you tell the world.


What good is a story without images to go with it? Whether you are looking for brand photos, headshots, family or even pet photos. We’ve got you!

Made With Mad Love

My excitement lies in building natural, cohesive, and effective brands. As a small business owner and just as a human, I hope to leave the world a little kinder than how I found it and I thrive on the relationships and communities that surround my little studio.

Mixie is changing the world the only ways we know how. By celebrating wild and adventurous spirits. By supporting small business owners with mad love. By taking leaps and diving in with our eyes closed. And by building up our local and global communities.

The basics of Mixie boil down to two things; small business support, and doing everything with as much enthusiasm, curiosity, and kindness as humanly possible. I live and breathe for the opportunity to work with awesome people, and rarely pass up a good conversation, a great cup of coffee, or a long walk in nature.

I cannot wait to get to know you, and help you show the world that you are capable of great things.


Amanda Freeman

Founder + Designer

Why MIXIE IS different

Anyone can create a logo and mock up a few color selections, but not everyone knows how to guide you in making the tough decisions. Beyond the pretty stuff, there is so much that goes into creating a long-lasting and effective brand.

Our collective backgrounds are in psychology, client relationships, community building, user experience, and project management. We aren’t just designers. We are your business sherpas. Wilderness guides who are here to help you make it down the winding path of brand and website creation.

Wholeheartedly, Mixie believes that success in business comes from more than marketing budgets and massive client lists. It comes from the relationships we all have with one another. If you are looking for something more than just a business acquaintance, you are definitely in the right place.

The Creative Compass

Think of The Creative Compass articles as a guidebook. It is here when you need it. Kinda like us.

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Graphic designers deeply rooted in our little hometown of Milford, MI, but available to work virtually world-wide. Our specialties are handcrafted and artisan brands in the hospitality, food, beverage, and handcrafted product industries. Let Mixie Design Co. help you find your voice and use it for good.


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