The best stories are told when you pay attention to who is listening. Our strategy sessions are designed to help identify your goals, target the perfect clients, and keep your message on point. Logos and color selection are just the beginning of your business adventure. Branding is a big topic. Mixie will design it, pull it all together, and help you make sense of it all.

Pricing starts at $1200


Web Design

Like any good adventure story, the world needs to know you. Your website is your introduction. You are already doing big things, we just help you tell the world. The process kicks off with a strategy session, and wraps up with a beautiful new WordPress or Squarespace website. Nothing feels better than a fresh new website, but the best part is that it will quickly become your best employee. 

Pricing starts at $1500


Creative Business Strategy

There is a lot of thought that goes into the your brand and website, but what about everything else that it takes to run your corner of the world? Hosting services, email, CRMs (Client Relationship Managers), marketing, target niches, messaging, business personality, social media, and everything in between… Running a business can leave you burnt out if you aren’t careful. Let Mixie help you navigate the twists and turns, so you can start loving all that you get to do a little more.

Pricing starts at $200